///My canvas is titled : Lost Aztlan // acrylic 1'x 1' deep-dish canvas////
I donated a canvas to HOMEBOY INDUSTRIES. There will be a silent auction going on.
I wanted to create a dialogue with the viewer to let them know how i think about identity and the layers and barriers we go through in search for our identity. The concrete is breaking apart in the letter form of Aztlan witch is uncovering the Mexica Sun Stone. Aztlan is the mythical homeland of the Mexica/Aztec people. This "Aztlan" term was coined by Chicano poets in the 60's who claimed one day that disposed Mexicans would repopulate the American south west. The sacred Heart is the Catholic influence with in the Mexican diaspora.


This is the ticket that received yesterday on my way to see Very Be Carful in downtown L.A. A LAPD officer pulled me over for no reason an then claimed he seen me on the phone. B/S i even offered to show him my phone to see me call log in order to verify that i was not on my phone. It was strange because some how they knew that i knew that it was B/S. So now i have to pay or fight it!


Leo Limon is a Los Angeles xicano artist whom has been painting cats around the city since the 80's he gots a show at senor fish in downtown.


I saw this dude at the downtown Los Angeles doing his thing. The fine art world has been mergeng with the Performace aspect of art. Although i didnt completely overstand i liked listening to people try to assume what it means! What do you think about it?