Dockweiler Beach Concession Area Mural/ MobileMuralLab LLC Narrative: Inspiration for the permanent mural design, materials, and application The mural is designed to appeal to the day audience as well as the night goers at Dockweiler beach. By day, the mural reveals names and locations blurred together creating an abstracted design of letters and typefaces. At night, the mural will transform into luminescent sketches of “ammonites” overlapping the field of text. The ammonite is an extinct prehistoric marine animal that was named after the Greek god “Ammon” meaning “rams horn”. The ammonite is the most widely known fossil and can be found on all continents symbolizing the global community as an ancient life form. The image of water and/or marine life unifies the mural design within the context of the beach. YOUTH FROM THE EAST WEST SOUTH AND NORTH SIDE OF LOS ANGELES CAME OUT TO SUPPORT THE FIRST STEP IN THE MURAL PROCESS