I applied at the Otis college of art and design, internship fair and was accepted for the position at the DCA. It was an 8 week commitment 04/11/09 - 05/30/09, we meet once a week on Saturdays for two hours.
I enjoyed this experience working with the youth. I learned new techniques for instructing students. I found the experience useful because I plan to be in the field of education one day. I also learned more about the cameras functions and photography, like how to take more interesting shots by playing with the angles, lighting and position of objects. I was the teachers aid and had the opportunity to conducted one session by myself. We use digital cameras , mac computers and the adobe photoshop software.
-The theme of the class was creating cultural maps so we instructed student to take photos of there community and then with the content the students created a blogg. I was introduced to some very interesting people as well. I enjoy networking with like minded artist.
-I was inspired by the director Jesus "Chuy" Rangle is a very good Xicano artist, he is an Otis alumni. I occasionally would walk into a painting session of his "Loteria" series, check out his arte at he has firme work. I also was able to work with Sandra de la loza which is known for her public installments "graffiti plaques" , check her arte out. Another artist that i was able to meet was Arturo Romo Santillano www. , check out his photo manipulations.